Client stories January 2020

31st January 2020

JONATHAN, aged 55: ‘I awaited Universal Credit payment but during this time I had to pay for food and lodgings which left me with little money. My work was commission based but generating business without money upfront was difficult. Jobs promised but I was let down incurring travel expenses. I’ve had had short-term jobs, but they have paid very little. Without food from the foodbank, I would have had to use a homeless shelter or starve. They have helped me enormously.’

DAVID, aged 58: ‘I have come to this foodbank today because my marriage broke down due to an injury at work meaning that I was at home for almost all of the time. I moved away to stay with a family member, but after 6 weeks, they asked me to leave. The Council area that I was staying in referred me to some lodgings in Walsall but the only provision in this room was a kettle. I visited Pelsall foodbank and was signposted to other agencies. I have been bumped around from one organisation to the other with no luck. Thank goodness for the Trussell Trust. This foodbank has helped me by providing food and additional help – they have been very calm and helpful. Thank you.’

TOM and his partner KERRY have two young babies and their reason for visiting us was due to a switch over to Universal Credit. The foodbank has helped them with food and toiletries.

Client names have been changed to preserve anonymity.

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